Soccer Shin Guard and Sizes

Shin guards are essential for your child’s safety on the soccer field. Missed kicks or soaring balls frequently strike the shins. While the impact will still hurt, and shin guards will not prevent all injuries, they will help to reduce the impact, agony, and bruising that can occur when playing soccer.

Shin guards are gently curled to follow the leg’s natural curve. At the shinbone, they cover the front lower section of the leg. Under the soccer socks, shin protectors are worn.

Whatever style of shin guard you choose, getting the right size is critical for the guards to work properly. Shin guards are sized according to your child’s height rather than her clothing size. The shin guard gets longer and wider as the size increases to fit the larger leg that comes with increased height.

Below is a general sizing chart for soccer shin guards:

  • Small: Fits players up to 5’2” tall
  • Medium: Fits players up to 5’10”
  • Large: Fits players up to 6’4”
  • Extra large: Fits players up to 6’10”